Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can You Actually Play While You Learn?

Last year I had the opportunity of being a volunteer facilitator for a pilot program designed by Brigham Young University's School of Education. It is called Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy or SEEL for short. It is a fantastic program proven to drastically improve literacy among the early readers. BUT, it's techniques can be use across the board in all areas of teaching, (more on this later.) In a nutshell, children learn while they play, or they play while they learn. The idea is to use memorable and FUN experiences to engage the children in learning, and they will learn faster, better and more eagerly. I've no time to go into detail here, but I can offer you a link to their web sight (see link on side of page.) There you will see some video explaining SEEL. (you may even catch a glimpse of me) and you will have access to LOTS of teaching material you can print off and use to teach your Kindergartners and First Graders how to read. For you Home Schooling Moms, you will love it! And for you full time teachers, you will love it too.

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